Wubben – customer portal

Wubben – customer portal

About Wubben

Wubben Handelsmij is a processor of industrial waste, located in Roosendaal. The company is part of Avista Oil GMBH. The company collects, among other things, oil from companies and processes it.

Wubben noticed that too many employees were busy with administrative tasks that could easily be automated. The company also wanted to better serve their customers. To solve these findings at once, Wubben wanted to have a client portal developed with automated processes.

The challenge

The desired solution was a portal where the customers of Wubben can log in to view statistics. This includes costs, invoices, usage and other insights. This portal had to be linked to the current waste management system and had to be linked to the new WordPress website developed by DevRent.

The solution

The solution consists of a login screen in the website. After logging in, the customer enters a dashboard where he can view the collection history. Customers can also schedule new collection orders, retrieve and mail reports and change customer data. As far as possible, it’s all done automatically at Wubben.

Open Quote

One of the owners has worked for us a very long time ago. So we knew in advance that the collaboration would probably be successful. As a global organisation, our IT department regularly uses their (flexible!) services. We do not have the capacity to develop new systems ourselves, so the collaboration with DevRent is a great solution.

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Marco Adan

Sales Manager

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