How Does This Work?

We are way more than a traditional outsource-company. DevRent will not simply search for a new developer for our customers. Instead, we look to find the best match from within our own team first. Should this prove impossible, we will seek out a qualified new developer, first training and getting to know them in order to guarantee quality for you as a DevRent customer. This methodology ensures that we maintain the highest standards for all completed work, since we know our programmers well and have a wealth of experience with developing (custom) software.

Our methods take a lot of time and stress off your hands. You don’t have to do interviews and you don’t run any financial risks. At very competitive hourly rates we ensure that your work is quickly picked up by experienced developers that we, as a software developer, already know. If desired we’ll even take over management by deploying a team lead. You will simply get an invoice from our Dutch company, all while saving time and a lot of money on your development costs. You are able to focus on your core business again, while we take your IT off your hands or provide your IT with a flexible supply of software developers.

Find you ideal developer

1.Tell us your desired skills

Over the years we have built a large team of software developers who work daily on our own projects or for various other clients. This method gives us the ability to act quickly and efficiently and moreover, provide you with a developer possessing the ideal skillset.

Hire your ideal developer

2.We’ll find a match

We will immediately look for the best match from among our own team. The advantage of this is that we already know all of our programmers well, and subsequently you are assured of receiving fully qualified manpower exactly where it’s needed.

Met Devrent

  • No fixed contracts or other employer risks
  • A savings on your development costs up to 60%
  • The knowledge of over 60 experienced developers
  • Direct communication with the programmer(s)
  • No costs for a workplace, personnel administration and employer insurances
  • You work exclusively with experienced developers, selected by developers
Finish your project

3.Work on your project together

The programmer(s) in question work exclusively for you for the entirety of the pre-agreed period. You can liaise with them both directly and easily, via the business communication platform Slack.

Pay and save

4.Dutch invoice

Payment is no hassle at all, you just get a Dutch invoice and DEVRENT takes care of all the peripheral issues such as taxes, premiums etc.