Werkenbij – websites

Werkenbij – websites

About Werkenbij

The Werkenbij websites are recruiting websites, commissioned by the recruitment company EN HR solutions. The company is an external partner for personnel recruitment. EN HR solutions collaborates with established Dutch names such as KLM, Greetz and T-mobile.

EN HR solutions noticed that the services they offered were missing something. They excelled in all areas, but they noticed that professional recruitment websites were required for a comprehensive service.

The challenge

The desired situation for EN HR solutions was that they would create an ongoing collaboration with a party specialising in software development. As a result, they could focus on recruitment and still offer an extra tool to their clients. In the desired situation, we – as a professional party – would take on the complete projects from design to development and maintenance.

The solution

The solution is an ongoing collaboration between us and EN HR solutions. We regularly develop recruitment websites with the name ”Werkenbij” for established names. We have already successfully developed websites for, among others, Albelli, Allianz, Bruynzeel, Greetz, KLM and T-mobile.

Rob de Vormer

Teamlead Online

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