Vuurwerktoppers – webshop

Vuurwerktoppers – webshop

About Vuurwerktoppers

Thanks to the cooperation with Vesta Vuurwerk, fireworks supplier Cafferata came in contact with us. Cafferata is the largest fireworks supplier in the Netherlands, with offices in Uden and Germany.

Cafferata noticed that the old Vuurwerktoppers system was no longer adequate. Vuurwerktoppers was a Cafferata webshop with subdomains for fireworks dealers. The system, however, was so outdated and was not comprehensive that a completely new system was needed.

The challenge

In the desired situation, Cafferata would be able to easily manage the new webshop, products, orders, subdomains and fireworks dealers and the order processing would be almost completely automated. The goal was to optimise inventory management with just-in-time delivery and inventory forecasting. The creation of a new subdomain should also be simply done within 5 minutes.

The solution

The solution to the problem turned out to be a completely new webshop, with automated order processing, a tailor-made back-office for Cafferata and simple back-offices for the sub-domains. Important here was that it was accessible to everyone within the organisation, also for staff without any knowledge of IT.

Open Quote

I have no knowledge of IT at all and for that reason I handed over the entire development of the new system to DevRent. I did know what the system had to do, but I wanted to focus on our fireworks trade and everything that comes with it. I received a first version in no time. I had just gone through it to see if there were any changes to be done, which I found very nice. That showed that the company really thinks along and understands that the practice sometimes runs differently from the theory. Especially when implementing new functions.

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Rob Sierat

Cafferata Vuurwerk

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