Virpp – music platform

Virpp – music platform


VIRPP is a revolutionary app in the music industry and an initiative of YOURBRANDHUB. VIRPP brings together music producing talent and labels with the help of all VIRPP users who can like music while swiping, scores a song high among many users, then chances are that this will be picked up by one of the big labels.

The challenge

The concept was ready, investors were found and the Dancefair fair and presentation in America were already planned, only the backend-application was ready….

The solution

DevRent has supported YOURBRANDHUB with additional React, React Native developers and part-time QA. As one joint team, they took on the challenge of meeting the tough deadline, the team made days of 12+ hours for weeks in a row and YOURBRANDHUB was showing off the VIRPP application in March 2019 and has run a successful exhibition!

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