Team Furmanite – ERP system

Team Furmanite – ERP system

About Team Furmanite

Quality Inspection Services is part of Team Furmanite. Team Furmanite is a worldwide, leading company in the field of specialised mechanical and NDT & I services since 1973. They serve a wide group of customers in the (petro) chemical industry, maritime sector, civil engineering and construction sector.

Because the company made all the administration in Excel, about 30% of the invoices that went out were wrong. The company noticed that the internal processes could be optimised. However, a suitable solution did not exist on the market yet.

The challenge

The desired situation of Team Furmanite was an automation of a large part of the administration. After testing several standardised ERP systems, the company discovered that an ERP would offer the solution, but that a customised system would be needed.

The solution

The solution for Team Furmanite was an ERP system including CRM. Among other things, an employee portal, customer portal, product management, planning, management information, business processes, a two-way link with the Exact accounting system, the management of radioactive sources and automatic reporting to the government for hazardous transport have been incorporated in the system.

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DevRent understood exactly what kind of collaboration we needed. It was very nice to work with them, because they understood very well that we had to find out together what should and should not be included in the system. We are slowly but surely still improving and innovating the system, because we still notice that we can automate or facilitate additional processes.

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André Broeke

General Manager

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