Pyrodesk – ERP-/cashier system

Pyrodesk – ERP-/cashier system

About Pyrodesk

Vesta Vuurwerk is one of the biggest selling points of fireworks in the Netherlands. In the month of December customers walk in and out of the store and during the last three days of the year the fireworks can be picked up. The thousands of people who want to pick up their fireworks in a short period of time creates the necessary bottle necks.

The problem that Vesta Vuurwerk experienced was that existing ERP and checkout systems were not built for the fireworks industry. They wanted to optimise the internal processes and customer processes, but that required a customised solution.

The challenge

Vesta Vuurwerk was looking for a suitable party to implement their idea for a customized ERP and cashier system. In this way, Pyrodesk was born. With this system it would be possible for Vesta Vuurwerk to better serve the customers and optimise the internal processes.

The solution

The solution was a collaboration with us to develop Pyrodesk. The system is a customised ERP system with a custom cash register system that is linked to the existing webshop. For both us and Vesta Vuurwerk it was an Agile project with input from both parties, which had to be developed through trial and error. This was the case because it is a completely new system within the market. The collaboration with Vesta Vuurwerk is still running for a Pyrodesk 2.0 that they will be licensing to other fireworks vendors.

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We have worked very well with DevRent. It was a completely new system for us and our sector, so both parties had to think about the functionalities and implementations. In fact, thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experience, we achieved the best result fairly quickly. The first year that we took it in use to test, it was almost flawless.

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Patrick Jansen

CEO Vesta Fireworks

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