Go mingle – social platform

Go mingle – social platform

About Go mingle

The mission of Go mingle is to connect people together so that they can do fun things together and enjoy life even more. The one like-minded person is looking for an exhibition, while another likes to go out for dinner or to have a drink.

The problem was that the Go mingle platform was very outdated and the website was pieced together by a hobbyist. When the platform was still in its infancy, this was sufficient because users could simply plan outings and get in touch with each other.

The challenge

As the platform gained more users, a professional solution turned out to be desirable. Founder Neiske Ritsma wanted to offer the users of Go mingle a better experience. For that reason she came to DevRent as a professional development party to realise this.

The solution

We have completely rebuilt the platform according to the Functional Design and the visual design that Neiske supplied. In addition to the documentation, it appeared during the process that other solutions were desired. We have made recommendations regarding the optimisation and as the ultimate experience expert of the platform Neiske has tested our implementations, which also resulted in changes. By working together during the process, we have achieved the most optimal result.

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I am very satisfied with the collaboration with DevRent. I have given almost the entire project out of hands and as a result, I have only had contact with the Dutch office myself. This allowed me to focus on my daily work and from the perspective of the user, I tested some things. For example, we have simplified the process for creating an activity and we have categorized the activities into categories.

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Neiske Ritsma

founder Go mingle

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